A journey to self growth.

We believe we are all learners.

RISE offers customized workshops and self-development tools to help individuals build a deeper sense of self-awareness and learn how to align their lives, careers, priorities and actions with who they truly are.

Our services are uniquely tailored based on the needs and challenges you request from us. RISE’s purpose is to help individuals build awareness and healthy habits that can help them tap into their full potential.

Meet the RISERS

We're two passionate and soulful coaches and friends who believe in the power of self growth.

Dareen Kotob

As an emotional fitness coach and motivational speaker, Dareen Kotob, aspires to help individuals achieve meaningful and lasting change in their lives by building and developing healthy habits of mind. Dareen is passionate about raising awareness around important topics and using her work to spread hope and positivity to those around her.

Sara Abiqwa

As a self-empowerment coach and women’s advocate, Sara helps individuals build high levels of self-awareness to create the change they desire for themselves and live an empowered and balanced life. Through her work, she aims to help people connect with their super powers - the power of intuition, focus, choice, decision making, and taking conscious actions.

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Our Group Workshops & Trainings

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ENGAGE focuses on fostering awareness among employees in the workplace through a deep dive in thought awareness, emotional management, mindfulness and resilience. ENGAGE provides the foundational tools, skills and practices individuals need to be more resilient to stress and change in their world. By learning such skills, the participants can achieve their highest potential, increase their productivity and wellbeing, enhance their focus and become more creative and empowered.

Pillars of ENGAGE:

Empowerment Engagement Execution


BRAND “YOU” helps employees define who they really are as a brand and shape their presence in their organizations, and even the world. Employees are always representing themselves, in every conversation, presentation, choice or decision, interview or business situation, and therefore it is imperative for them to work on developing their personal Brand. Not only that, but getting clear on their personal brand will help them shape how they show up in the world whether personally for themselves and their relationships, or professionally by communicating their unique skills and the value they bring to their organizations.

Pillars of BRAND ‘YOU’: 

Clarity Content Communication


EXPRESS help fine-tune the way employees interact with others around them, which can be the key to increase the teams’ cohesion, harmony and collaborations. Well-developed presentation and communication skills will increase employees’ ability to influence others, enable them to progress their career faster and give them the confidence to network successfully. Moreover, it will help participants apply their advanced communication & presentation skills to express themselves in difficult situations, including giving and receiving feedback.

Pillars of EXPRESS: 

Plan Prepare Practice Present


ALL TOGETHER is a workshop that focuses on individuals as human beings and not as mere employees. The aim of this workshop is to help employees adopt a culture of diversity & inclusion, where they feel safe, heard and welcomed. By fostering a healthy working environment, employees will become more confident, driven and productive.

Pillars of ALL TOGETHER: 

Awareness Acknowledgment Action

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    Feedback from our risers

    Thank you for this amazing ENGAGE Workshop, I have realized a lot of things that I was not aware of, you’re inspiring many people to start their self awareness journey.

    Abu Dhabi, UAE ’23

    Thank you so much for the outstanding coaching in the workshop “All Together”. I really enjoy and appreciate your hard work. I would love to attend more workshops with RISE!

    Abu Dhabi, UAE ’23

    The “Brand YOU” training was an eye opener to me. The idea of aligning my values and purpose with how I show up to people was a new idea to think of. Identifying the difference between purpose, mission and vision was interesting and exciting to learn as well. I enjoyed the course with Dareen and Sara, I hope our company provides more training like these.

    Abu Dhabi, UAE ’23

    EXPRESS workshop was very active, fun and the information was delivered smoothly while relating it to our own experiences.

    Abu Dhabi, UAE ’23

    "Brand YOU Workshop helped me think of myself at a deeper level and understand how I see myself and how I see others around me. It was the perfect way to start my new year."

    Abu Dhabi, UAE ‘23

    "Engage is my favorite workshop I got this year. I got more in touch with what it means to be a human being and it helped me grow so much on a personal level. Thank you so much Dareen and Sara."

    Abu Dhabi, UAE ‘22

    "Sara and Dareen delivered an amazing workshop in an unconventional way. I really liked how they explained concepts and ideas that are relatable to our daily lives."

    Abu Dhabi, UAE ‘22

    "I enjoyed the Engage Workshop a lot because we discussed topics and ideas we usually don’t tap into like managing our thoughts and emotions. It gave me a more clear idea on how to change my daily actions."

    Abu Dhabi, UAE ‘22

    "This is one of the best training I’ve had so far. It was very informative and interactive on interesting topics I never thought of before."

    Abu Dhabi, UAE ‘22


    Our Podcast

    We always enjoyed having real and raw conversations together. And these conversations were not just any conversations! They were the kind that make us pause and reflect on our own lives. Conversations that make us want to learn from each other and help one another grow into better versions of ourselves.

    In this podcast, we share with you some of these conversations, where we talk about personal stories and challenges to help raise awareness, motivate others, and get people to reflect and better understand themselves.

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